Web and Internet Services
E-Commerce is far from dead.

TQSI can show you how to use the power of the Internet to make more money for your business without having to become a cyber guru yourself. Some of our staff have been using the Internet since before Al Gore invented it. We like to think that we know what works and what does not. Both from a technical and a business sense.

Our web services cover the gamut from design of your web presence to develop of your web site to a continuing program to keep your site fresh and up to date with your business. Along the way we will assure that it is tested so that it reaches your target audience successfully without whiz bang technology that interferes with getting work done and business sold. We can also work with you to develop strategies to drive more traffic to your web site with people who will buy.


Web Design - We work with graphic designers who develop sites for Fortune 500 companies so that your business or organization can have an image that reflects who you really are. They will develop the graphical look and feel of your doorstep on the Internet and provide artwork that will allow that vision to perform at lightening speed for your visitors. And all for a fraction of the cost that you would find elsewhere.

Web Development - Our associates have developed hundreds of effective and functional web sites for large companies and small companies and everything in between. We can implement the graphical and business vision of your web site so that even a small company will look unique and first class.

Service Retainer Program - Most Small Businesses and Organizations cannot afford to maintain their own web development staff to keep their web site up to date with their changing business. That is where you leverage our staff to become your staff on an as needed basis. Its like having your own staff but only having to pay them when work needs to be done. We can usually deliver over-night turn around for all but the largest changes for these clients when the web sites were developed by our staff.

Traffic Development - What good is a web site if no one knows it is there? Our marketing associates will work with you to develop programs to make sure that your potential customers know where to find you.