Testing and Quality Services
TQSI has a long history in providing Testing and Test Management Services!

A Dilbert cartoon once declared that testing was nothing more than overhead. In today's world testing has become anything but overhead. However, much of what is passed off as testing, might as well never be done. TQSI uses the latest preventative and exploratory technologies to design a test program that cost effectively assures that your application or product is trouble free when sent to users.

We use risk based and life cycle approaches that minimize your support costs.

You do not live in a "one size fits all world". We will always look for the technologies that fit your project and adapt processes to fit your needs and existing environment.


Testing Health Check - One of our senior associates will spend time at your site reviewing with management and technical staff what you are doing now, what success it is having, and what challenges exit. Based on this analysis, a recommendation for further action is developed.

Test Project Management - One of our senior associates will work with your staff to develop a Master Test Plan for a project and will lead the project using in-house and out-sourced resources as appropriate.

Testing Services - We can provide highly trained and experienced associates to supplement your testing staff in automated and manual testing.

Training - The key to your success in testing is training your staff on the latest techniques. We have pioneered a training technology based on hands on workshops. These on-site workshops can be customized to the specific needs of your organization, and the workshops can utilize your staffs own projects as learning exercises. Currently, we have two incubator workshops :
  • Test Development for Quality Results - This program trains testers on how to develop tests that deliver results in a cost-effective and efficient manner.
  • Effective Test Management - This program trains Test Managers and Test Leads on how to develop a Master Test Plan and how to run a and monitor a testing project.