About TQSI Consulting

John Lisle founded TQSI Consulting Group in 1991 as a network of professionals who come together to provide various technical and marketing services as required by our clients. A common theme running through our work is Quality. Our clients find that the extra attention to detail in all of our activities can have a measurable impact on their bottom line.

Our primary market expertise has been in Software Testing and Quality Assurance services; however, to serve the needs of our clients, we have extended our offerings into other related disciplines and services, such as Project Management, Process Improvement, Documentation, and Web Services.

One of our most popular service offerings is our Testing Health Check. Software Development has become a significant financial drain to most organizations. Based on years of study, Capers Jones has determined that over 70% of all software work is re-work. If an organization can reduce re-work by even 10%, the savings and productivity gains can have a measurable impact to the bottom line. This TQSI methodology will allow us in just a few days on-site to be able to assess where you are today and make recommendations for where you want to be in the future.

Our Web Services practice primarily serves small business and service organizations who do not have in-house technical expertise to develop a first class web presence and want a partner who can work with them as their needs grow.

Our Documentation Services Practice can provide technical writing and editing support for authors and publishers. We have experience producing for books, magazine and technical journals, product and marketing documentation, on-line information services and everything in between.
Principal Partners
  John B. Lisle, Managing Partner

John Lisle has over twenty-five years' experience in the software development industry as an engineer, program manager, group director, consultant, and trainer. Mr. Lisle has been the driving force behind the TQSI Testing Health Check Methodology which is based on the concepts of the right team, the right process, and the right tools to reduce re-work and support costs.

Formerly, he was the Director of Quality Assurance for VenturCom, Inc., then a Cambridge, Massachusetts, firm that developed real-time operating systems and associated middleware for the Microsoft Windows NT Platform. At that firm he developed a methodology for using commercial automated regression test tools to test a real time operating system. "Regression Testing is key for assuring quality in all environments."

Prior to VenturCom, he has worked for IDX Systems, Prime Computer, 3M Corporation, and GTE Sylvania in various Quality Assurance, Testing, and Software Engineering and Management roles.

At Prime Computer, Mr. Lisle created and managed the corporate internationalization function responsible for the design, development, translation, testing, support, and documentation for all corporate international products.

He has also worked with Software Quality Engineering and KPMG Consulting, as a consultant and trainer specializing in testing issues, including Year 2000 concerns.

Among his public presentations were "Using WinRunner with a Fast DDE Interface" at a Mercury Interactive User Conference and "Quality Cycles for Rapid Application Development" at a STAR Conference.

He is the author of Test Development for Quality Results, an introductory workshop for structured testing practices and Effective Test Management, a workshop for Test Managers and Test Leads or Testers looking to take on those roles. Previously, he had authored a workshop for Year 2000 Testing. He is currently an Trainer at Worcester State College in their Center for Business and Industry, facilitating the Test Development for Quality Results and Requirements Based Design workshops.

He has degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Carnegie-Mellon University in Chemistry, specializing in Theoretical Chemistry. He is on the Board of Directors for the MIT Club of New Hampshire.

In addition to his testing activities, Mr. Lisle is an experienced genealogist.

  Carolyn M. Lisle, Principal - Documentation Services

Carolyn Lisle has over twenty-five years of experience as a technical communications professional. She has extensive experience developing documentation for the computer industry, including field sales, customer service, marketing, research, and development. Ms. Lisle's experience as a software developer has allowed her to become an effective interface between technical professionals and users of all levels.

Ms. Lisle has worked for Technology Evaluation Center, Prime Computer, and Honeywell Information Systems in addition to her consulting assignments for clients that include manufacturing companies, hardware vendors, software developers, and financial services.

At Technology Evaluation Center, Ms. Lisle worked with authors, senior research analysts, and webmasters to create content for the firm's business and technology research web site. While at Prime Computer, she was the Managing Editor for a monthly technical magazine to support customers and field personnel.

Her writing and editing experience ranges from detailed instructions on how to use online systems, to instructions on how to modify a programmable logic controller (PLC) through the Internet, to marketing collateral materials for Trade Shows and Channel Marketing.

She has a degree from Simmons College in Communications. Her education includes professional courses in management and technology systems. She was a Communications Officer in the US Navy and was Computer Center Operations Manager for the Computer Science Department at Carnegie-Mellon University.